imageAs director of cricket, how was the season gone so far?

We've had some incredible results, and some really frustrating washouts. So far though in the senior section of the club I think in right in saying we've only lost 1 game across all 4 teams. Allowing for the obvious restrictions created by the weather, I think the start the guys have made has been incredibly positive.

Our goal was to stabilise the 1s in the premier division, whilst getting the 2s, 3s and 4s into a position where they're in contention for promotion later in the season. It's difficult to ask for much more than we've achieved at this stage.

How much has the weather affected club training this year?

Quite simply yes. We've had a few sessions cancelled because the grounds been unplayable, but generally we've tried to get out there and do something, whether it's a few throw downs or some fielding, just having the guys out there together has been a positive move.

All the sides have had good starts to the season. How can they keep pushing on in their respective leagues?

That's certainly the plan. We were aware from the start that we'd get stronger as a 1st XI and as a club as the season went on, with a few key players missing early on. But as the likes of Sean Terry to return from injury and a few other guys becoming available things are looking really positive throughout all 4 senior teams.