Burridge v Alton

Well another season draws to a close, and believe it or not in bright sunshine.

Burridge welcomed back their Tosser, but unfortunately he did not perform as pre-planned, losing the toss and being inserted by the opposition.

Alton needed two points to stave off relegation, so they thought they would get them on the board as soon as possible to allay their fears. By the 12th over they achieved this by taking three wickets; this guaranteed their status for another year and sent Andover back down into Division One.

A suicidal run-out caused the heartbeats to flutter, and for a while it looked as though we would be fortunate to even get into three figures; but some middle order resistance meant we posted a total of 199 all out, on what should have been a 250 wicket. Yet again, one run short of the next bonus point.

The baby of the side, young Alex Willoughby rode his luck initially, but as his innings progressed so he became more confident, before being bowled finally for 42, at the other end of the age scale, big Lee helped him along with a stubborn 36 before he too was bowled.

In reply Alton opened the batting with their 16 year old prodigy Abel Genolla, who batted with complete assurance to accrue 50 runs before being run out.

So for the third time this season we have come out second best to this Alton team – so frustrating.

On a sad note, this was to be my last game as Burridge scorer, and this after 30 years. It was only after the game I realised that only two of the current team were born when I started scoring for Burridge.

The farewell given to me was very emotional, especially when both teams formed a Guard-of-Honour for me.

The engraved glass Trophy was such a lovely gesture, and it will be treasured.

For the immediate future, I wish the Club well in the Cup-Final next week, and good fortune for the years ahead. There is a nucleus of good Colts cricketers, and we must cultivate them into good cricketers and well-balanced young men. I have always said, show me a lad who is interested in sport, and you will have a young man who does not smash up bus-shelters, as they have maturity and good grounding.

Thank you so much Burridge, you have given me so much.

So it is good-night from him and Goodbye from me.