200 Club

There is a way whereby you have a chance of winning some money while helping your cricket club at the same time.

An invitation to join the 200 Club

The 200 Club is a private lottery and is open to all members and friends of Burridge Cricket Club. You do not need to be a registered member of the cricket club – anyone over the age of 16 may join.

The fund will be made up of ‘100 club’ members purchasing a ‘unit of £3 per month – e.g if we have 100 members and each member purchases a ‘unit’ there will be a fund of £300. This would break down as £150 to the cricket club funds and £150 as prize money, and the prize money would therefore be: – 1st Prize – £90, 2nd – £60. & 3rd – £30. If less or more than £150 is in the prize money ‘pot’the prizes will be paid as 1st prize 50%, 2nd prize 33% and 3rd prize of 16% of the resultant prize money.

Each month a draw is made with the current Prize Fund split 50-50%. That is 50% to the club and the remaining 50% is returned as prize money. So the more units taken up, the greater is the prize money pot, and the greater the benefit is to the cricket club.

To join – complete the form and return to the secretary, the treasurer, or indeed any committee member.


Payment to be made online to the Club bank account or via banker’s Standing Order.

200 Club Rules & Regulations

a. The entry fee to the 100 club shall be £36 per unit per year

b. Members may have and are encouraged to have multiple units.

c. Anyone can become a member of the 200 club, it is not restricted to Burridge Cricket Club members. You are encouraged to recruit families and friends to join. d. The 200 club shall not be limited to 100 members.

e. A member is only eligible to enter the monthly draw if their contributions are up to date.

f. Each unit owner will have a permanent number allocated to their unit(s)

g. There shall be one prize draw per month.

h. The draw will be made at the Committee Meeting held on the third Monday of each month and the winners will be informed personally and their name posted on the club notice board.

i. The decision of the Burridge Cricket Cub committee shall be final in all matters requiring adjudication.

j. The Burridge Cricket Club shall also have the power to amend or revoke these rules at their absolute discretion with such reasonable notice to the 200 Club members as is necessary.

k. The 200 Club administrators shall make all reasonable efforts to pay or post prize to the winners within at least two weeks of the draw.

l. Names of Winners will be posted on the website at an address known only to members of the 200 Club.

This scheme has been running since February 2010.

List of Winners

2020Winner1st prizeSecond2nd prizeThird3rd prizeRunning
total to club
JanuaryPete McMurray£90.00Andy Payne£60.00Samantha Candy£30.00£15,674.00
FebruaryBurridge CC£90.75Isabel Doyle£60.50Jim Cunningham£30.25£15,855.50
MarchMaddie Ankers£91.50Sean Wright£61.00Andy Payne£30.50£16,038.50