Return to Activity in a Cricket Club Setting

On the 15th May 2020, the ECB issued detailed guidance notes to all clubs on the return to use of Cricket grounds and their facilities. This document highlights the requirements that would need to be in place and strictly enforced to enable clubs to reopen and ensure that those visiting can do so safely and inline the current public health guidelines.

Based on the information provided and in conjunction with our local knowledge of the club and its setting, it became apparent that the club would NOT be able to fulfil these requirements.

Therefore, the Committee has made the decision to defer the opening of the facilities at this stage until further notice

Although disappointing to us all, this means that the cricket club remains closed and no members should visit the ground for any purpose including outside exercise or net practise.

Hopefully some good news will be with us all in the coming weeks which will allow the committee to reconsider our current stance on the use of “The Ridge”.


The Committee
Burridge Cricket Club
18th May 2020