Lymington v Burridge

Aspirations at the start of the day:-

Lymington – should be a good win today to keep us in contention for the title.

Burridge    – How on earth are we going to Lymington with only four bowlers and

A maximum of 10 overs per bowler – me being the ultimate pessimist.

Oh yea of little faith.

On a bright summers day (really) our tosser lost again, so Lymington decided they would have a bat first and put this game to bed with an early finish.

The first 4 overs were an onslaught 35-0, and then Dan Stancliffe got the measure of both openers, sending them both back to the pavilion. Not to be outdone at the other end was Dan Hewitt, both of these bowlers were bowling the best I have seen them all season.

The next 5 batsmen all went for single figures, one of them to an absolutely superb catch from the young Alex Willoughby, his 2nd catch of the innings.

So after just 20 overs Lymington were all back in the hutch for a measly 85 runs, to say they were shell-shocked is an understatement.

Bowling figures were Dan Stancliffe 5-22, Dan Hewitt 2-42, and not to be a party pooper Lee Savident weighed in with 2-3.

There was nothing wrong with the wicket, just ask the openers; it was just a master-class in good bowling.

In reply Burridge knew if they kept their heads they would achieve the goal. Lymington threw on their iconic bowler Matt Metcalfe the scourge of all batsmen this season, but he went for over 4 per over.

Marcus Campopiano reckoned he would reach the target all by himself, until a stupid run-out put paid to that. Up stepped Brighton Mugochi, who just knew he could do it, and despatched the bowlers all-round the ground, even Metcalfe was almost out of the ground for a mighty six.

Burridge duly reached the target in only 18 overs . This is the third time this season we have severely embarrassed the top teams – then we lose to the bottom teams – why???

A terrific ‘team’ performance, but I am going to give the man-of-the-match to

Dan Stancliffe