View from the Boundary

South Wilts v Burridge

Flaming June the season is known as – South Wilts was the least like a flaming June – the umpires were cold, and the scorers. The wind was unforgiving and the cloud mass was definitely 8/8 stratus cumulus.

Anyway Rick had his lucky coin with him, won the toss and had no hesitation in inviting the hosts to have a bat. At this stage Burridge old boy, now playing for South Wilts decided to change the venue and turned up at Burridge for the game, later legging it to Salisbury just in time for the start. (I will not embarrass him by stating his name)

Nick McMurray and Dan Stancliffe opened the bowling and a more miserly pair of opening bowlers this season I have yet to see. Nick bowled right through to lunch for his 18 over spell, six of which were maidens and conceding just 30 runs and grabbing three wickets in the process.

At the other end Dan Stancliffe was back to his most hostile best, with 15 overs, seven of which were maidens – conceded 31 runs for his two wickets.

At the 25 over mark Dan was given a rest and Sully was brought into the attack, between Nick and Sully there was a spell of EIGHT consecutive maiden overs, three of which were maiden overs.

This three pronged attack on the day was lethal, but if the South Wilts batsmen thought there was going to be a calm period when the slow left arm of Brighton Mugochi came on they were sadly mistaken. Brighton bowled just nine overs and took and incredible three wickets for just 10 runs.

Even though the pre-lunch period was mainly pace bowling, we still managed to put 35 overs down before the lunch interval – highly respectably over rate.

The innings was brought to a close when Dan Hewitt clean bowled the last remaining South Wilts batsmen – they had managed just 100 runs.

This was a brilliant day in the field for Burridge, the bowlers were assisted by some extremely sharp wicket-keeping from Will Steward, who took 3 catches plus one stumping.

So, come our response – Schu Choudhury tried to settle the target score all on his own within as few overs as possible. This is Schu’s trademark, if you don’t get him out early he will punish you. Sadly today was not his day, but he did put the South Wilts team on a downward slope.

Enter Joe Collings-Wells with yet another classy cameo for his 29 runs.

Will Steward not content with all his catches, decided today was his day with the bat and managed to get his 42 not out at almost a run-a-ball.

So the target of 101 was duly achieved in just 23 overs.

This was a massive win over the top of the table side.

Despite there being some amazing stats to warrant a man-of-the-Match award, I am going to give it to:-

Will Steward for some great keeping and his runs – well done Will.